1. 严格遵循OJS theme plugin的接口进行主题开发,便于OJS后续的升级与维护
  2. 由于OJS 2.x的版本是一个基于table的布局,所以bootstrap不是很适合。另外Jquery的版本过低也是不用bootstrap的原因
  3. 注意文章终端页样式,这里容易遗漏
  4. 模版最好做到唯一源,同样内容不得多次多处修改


在导航栏(Navigation Bar)里添加定制链接

Under Section 5.5: Navigation Bar, you can add a Navigation Bar link to the current set at the top of every journal page. This can be an in-site link (for example, linking directly to a Submission page), or an external link (linking to a journal sponsor’s website).

An interesting use of additional navigation links is to add a blog or wiki for your journal, allowing for more interaction with your readers, and the development of an online community.

For example, if your OJS site is at http://mysite.com/ojs and you have an associated blog at http://mysite.com/blog, you can add a link to that blog from the navigation bar.