OJS 2.4.8-2 released

PKP is proud to announce the release of OJS 2.4.8-2.

This is a maintenance release, containing several minor bug fixes for OJS 2.4.8-1. The most notable change is conformance to CrossRef’s updated DOI Display Guidelines 23. (OJS 3.x is already conformant to these changes.)

You can download OJS 2.4.8-2 from the OJS Download 35 page. Upgrade instructions are available in docs/UPGRADE.

Thanks as always to our community for its support and contributions.

OJS 2.4.8 中对已出版文章删除的正确操作

版本: OJS 2.4.8

如果有这种情况,对于已经分配于卷期的文章要做“删除”处理: 一般编辑会在当前卷期内移除,这时候前台的该卷期不再会显示该文章。

实际上呢,该文章并没有被彻底删除,而是被转移到了存档(Archives)中, 如果编辑没有存档的意图,只是用了Quick submission 插件,最好在存档中彻底删除该文章,做一个有效的清理。